Classroom Types in Edusight

Edusight classrooms have two different classroom types for different use cases. Use the KTCA (Traditional) gradebook if the focus is on traditional grading, and use the SBL gradebook if the focus is on more qualitative assessment and collecting anecdotal evidence of learning tied to expectations.

SBL Classroom

In an SBL Classroom, the student’s profiles are highly focused on collecting evidence of learning and tracking mastery of expectations. Each student profile is arranged to display observations based on curriculum expectations. Assessments are tracked on a per expectation bases by level.


  • Aligned with the Ontario 2016 Kindergarten Program
  • Teachers can track quantity of evidence collected per expectation
  • Teachers can quickly see which expectations have not been assessed
  • Teachers can track level of mastery for each expectation


  • No gradebook

KTCA (Traditional) Classroom

Edusight's KTCA Classroom allows teachers to break assessments up into the 4 categories as needed, and view student performance across each category. For each student, data on how they are performing across each category of learning is easily available and visualized. In almost any tab (Gradebook, Student Profile, Reporting, Analytics), users can filter results to only view data for certain categories of learning.


  • Teachers can easily enter and track student assessments by KTCA category in the gradebook
  • Assessments can be tagged to curriculum expectations
  • Assessments can be weighted by each KTCA category


  • Student progress cannot be tracked and assessed by individual expectations
  • Quantity of observations collected for each expectation is not tracked

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