Syncing Data to a school

School data can be synced using the new School Sync process detailed below. This feature allows you to sync your school with any SIS systems provided you can generate a file of the specified format to upload to our system. A few caveats to the system to mention first:

  • Only full school syncs are supported; partial updates are not available in this version of the system
  • Any data that is in our system but not in a sync file will be deleted from our system under the current system
  • All uploads to Edusight servers will use HTTPS to ensure data security
  • The only currently-supported file format for this system is ZIP; TAR, 7zip, or gzip files will not be accepted by our system

Through the UI

  1. Prepare your data First you need to prepare a ZIP file as described by the School Sync Format page.
  2. Open the Sync page Navigate to the Sync page using the "Sync" link in the sidebar Sync Page
  3. Upload the ZIP file Drop your archive file into the provided file input. File Upload
  4. Wait for the sync to run Once the file has been successfully uploaded you should not use the application further, and instead wait for the sync to finish processing. Sync Accepted
  5. Review results Once the sync has finished running a message containing the results (along with any errors encountered during processing) of the sync operation will be sent to your e-mail address. Sync Complete

Uploading Data via cURL

A school's data can be directly uploaded to Edusight over HTTPS to our sync endpoint.

This endpoint must be configured by Edusight prior to use; contact our team to have us set up your integration. Once set up, we will provide you with an API key and a URL to upload your data to.

Data is then uploaded to the provided endpoint as a ZIP file as described in our School Sync Format guide. One important detail to call out: the school ID referenced in your CSV files must be sent to Edusight as part of the setup process. This is to ensure that the sync process can filter out any data not explicitly for the target school.

An example snippet to accomplish this using the curl command-line tool can be found below and used by replacing the placeholder values with the values provided by Edusight:

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: {API_KEY}" \
  --data-binary "@{FILENAME}" \

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