Managing Staff Accounts

Administrator accounts in an Edusight school can manage access by other staff members in their school through the Staff page.

Staff Page

Creating a New Teacher

A new teacher can be created from this page using the Create Staff button. From this interface, you can create a new account and attach a login method to it.

Create Staff Page

Setting up E-mail Access

A standard e-mail login can be created from this page by inputting the relevant address here. Once the form is submitted an invitation message will be sent to the user with a link they can use to claim the account and set up their password.

Sync Page Sync Page

Setting up Azure SSO

A teacher account can be accessed using Azure AD to enable single sign-on with Edusight. Adding the Azure Object ID (available via your AzureAD management portal) here will allow the teacher to use the Azure login link.

Sync Page

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